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POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Nov 22, 2009 AT 17:39 IST ,  Edited At: Nov 22, 2009 17:39 IST

Most of those interested would by now definitely have seen the Channel 4 Documentary (also shown on HBO a couple of days back with a new commentary by Farid Zakaria), but other than that, while there has been a lot of comprehensive western media coverage, perhaps the most detailed and sequential piece appeared some days back as a series of four blog posts by Jason Motlagh on the Virgina Quarterly Review site and was later collated into one long post. It's very long but well worth a read. Took me a few days because of other preoccupations, but here it is for those who have not yet come across it and would like a comprehensive narration of those dreadful 60 hours and after -- including the transcripts of the phone calls of the terrorists with their handlers in Pakistan and Kasab's interrogation that was included in the Channel 4/HBO documentary: Sixty Hours Of Terror

H/T: Separate emails from Amar Chopra and C.M. Naim

POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Nov 22, 2009 AT 17:39 IST ,  Edited At: Nov 22, 2009 17:39 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Dec 01, 2009
10:51 PM
Nagaraj, your pathetic politicking, while of a piece with the rest of your ejaculations, is really sickening. We would take you with some seriousness if you did not reduce everything to Congress v/s BJP. How many times have you questioned what happened at with the plane that was allowed to fly off to Kandahar? While Mumbai politicians do not inspire confidence, I am sick of your petty and puerile nonsense day in and day out.
Ajit Tendulkar
Seattle, United States
Dec 01, 2009
11:17 AM
The media is not even questioning the serious failure of Manmohan,Chidambaram,Sonia team as to why it took seven hours to airlift the NSG from Delhi to Mumbai.Every one seems to be dazzled by the light from the thousands of candles lit at the Gateway,otherwise they would not have voted the Chavan,R.R.Patil team back to power.Mumbai people seem to know how to make money,but look foolish when it comes to political wisdom.
Bangalore, India
Nov 27, 2009
11:44 PM
Hi Momeen,

At one level you are right. The restraint part is a bit over the top. 25 years of non stop export of a single product is a long time. yet we did not learn how to control it. So I guess,there is no one else to share the responsibility other than we people.

Read these also some more food for thought. This is the link.
Anil Kohli
Mumbai, India
Nov 24, 2009
09:19 AM
Nagaraj, it is all in Sahir's lyrics. We know that Taj Mahal & Trident are big banawat ki duniya , and still we lite candles for them. Now for the CST terminus not getting lit by a candle is again , yeh duniya agar mil bi jaye tho kya hai. This just like the Oscar comittee giving Oscar to the lousiest lyrics of Gulzar. One cannot understand , what the world has come to. Imagine Al Gore just making a entry for a few yrs for making noise about global warming and winning a Nobel Prize . Obama within 9 mths a Nobel Peace Prize, just for proposing peace, still no implementation. Phew!!! Yeh saab mil bhi jaye tho kya hai. Sahir L was truly prophetic.

This duniya is like that, full of weapons of mass delusion.
Sydney, Australia
Nov 23, 2009
04:26 PM
For the candle lighting tribe and the Barkha Dutts,only the Taj and the Trident stand for 26/11 tragedy.Not a single candle was lit at the CST station.The serial blasts in the suburban trains of Mumbai claimed 186 lives but that hardly gets a mention.
Bangalore, India
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