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POSTED BY Buzz ON Mar 11, 2014 AT 23:59 IST ,  Edited At: Mar 11, 2014 23:59 IST

The man whom many already proclaim as the Future Prime Minister of India refuses to take any questions.

The man who once famously said that he could be prime minister at 25 is also refusing to take questions — at least anymore.

But the man who is the President of the United States (POTUS) seems to be more than willing to take all sorts of questions.

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POSTED BY Buzz ON Mar 11, 2014 AT 23:59 IST, Edited At: Mar 11, 2014 23:59 IST
POSTED BY News Ed ON Feb 04, 2014 AT 23:01 IST ,  Edited At: Feb 04, 2014 23:01 IST

A new advertisement that Coca-Cola unveiled during the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb 2 has sparked quite a controversy. 

Named 'It's beautiful', the ad depicts US' diversity by showing people of different immigrant communities singing "America the Beautiful" in seven different languages, including Hindi.

Individuals featured in the footage represented the melting pot that is the US. One of the vignettes also depicted what are said to be the first gay parents shown in a Super Bowl ad.

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POSTED BY News Ed ON Feb 04, 2014 AT 23:01 IST, Edited At: Feb 04, 2014 23:01 IST
POSTED BY News Ed ON Jan 31, 2014 AT 00:08 IST ,  Edited At: Jan 31, 2014 00:08 IST

Back in November, 2013, a gap ad had gained widespread attention after it was vandalised with racist comments at a subway station in New York.

The Gap ad featured renowned Indian-American actor and designer Waris Ahluwahlia along with filmmaker Quentin Jones with the hashtag 'Make Love'.

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POSTED BY News Ed ON Jan 31, 2014 AT 00:08 IST, Edited At: Jan 31, 2014 00:08 IST
POSTED BY Buzz ON Jan 08, 2014 AT 23:22 IST ,  Edited At: Jan 08, 2014 23:22 IST

As the polar vortex sworls around North America, with all the 50 states of the USA recording temperatures below freezing point, dropping to a record low of -26C in Chiberia (the new name for Chicago), cold enough to freeze oil, Meteorologist Eric Holthaus demonstrates what happens when you toss a pot of boiling water into the sky when it is -21°F with a wind chill of -51°F in a video shot on Jan 6, 2014 in Viroqua, WI, USA.

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POSTED BY Buzz ON Jan 08, 2014 AT 23:22 IST, Edited At: Jan 08, 2014 23:22 IST
POSTED BY News Ed ON Dec 27, 2013 AT 18:48 IST ,  Edited At: Dec 27, 2013 18:48 IST

In his recent blotg post, BJP leader Arun Jaitley has said that the party's prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, should not apply for a US visa, even though a Gujarat court has ruled that he will not be prosecuted for alleged collusion in the 2002 riots. The US had revoked Modi's visa over the riots in 2005.

Full text of Arun Jaitley's blog:

Yesterday's verdict in the 2002 Riots case accepting the report of the SIT and dismissing the protest petition has an extremely important lesson for all. What is the extent to which false propaganda can subvert a debate when the facts are otherwise. A section of the media and some NGOs thrived on implicating Narendra Modi and making inaccurate accusations. The extent to which it led to subversion of the debate on this issue needs to be introspected. A Chief Justice of India without looking into all facts chose an inappropriate expression 'Nero'. Will he now retract? An editor used the extreme expression 'mass murderer'. 

Outside the country some nations otherwise friendly to India, held their own 'kangaroo court' and decided to proclaim Modi guilty. They chose to ignore the fact that no other Indian politician since Independence had gone through the kind of scrutiny that Modi went through in the 2002 riots case. The highest court of the land monitored the case against him. They chose the best officers who could investigate the case against him. The investigation team examined hundreds of witnesses. The SIT grilled the Chief Minister for over nine hours. When the SIT exonerated him still through a Supreme Court scrutiny, an Amicus Curiae opinion, a protest petition and eventually a judicial mind examined the case. After a due process of law, the court opined that there was not a shred of evidence against Modi. 

Where does that leave the United States opinion on this issue ? Modi has not applied for US visa since 2005. My personal advice also has been that he should not apply for a US visa. The American stance on the issue has clearly been one determined by their 'kangaroo court'. To proclaim Modi guilty even when there was no evidence against him despite investigations and re-investigation amounts to immature diplomacy. It constitutes interference in India's internal affairs. This myopic American stance has the potential of recoiling back at them. It also sets a precedent for a reciprocal response. It is time the Americans reflect on how they have boxed themselves into this untenable situation.

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POSTED BY News Ed ON Dec 27, 2013 AT 18:48 IST, Edited At: Dec 27, 2013 18:48 IST
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